GAHTC Podcasts

The objective of the GAHTC podcasts is to introduce various modules within the GAHTC. Rather than a summary of the contents of the Module, the podcast will engage the voice of the team leader, with the objective of gaining a sense of the underlying intentions and interests of the module. This should help clarify and establish the intellectual aim of GAHTC, as its authors search for new epistemic horizons, along with providing the teaching materials themselves.

1: The Architecture of First Societies with Mark Jarzombek (GAHTC)

MIT Professor Mark Jarzombek discusses his GAHTC module on the Architecture of First Societies, establishing the importance of thinking architecture beyond established canons based on cities and technology. Instead he argues the origins of architecture in the ‘social package’ and in the representational networks of ‘modeling’.

2: Architectural Culture of Seattle Today with Cassie Blair, JoAnn Hindmarsh Wilcox and Tim Richey

Cassie Blair, JoAnn Hindmarsh Wilcox and Tim Richey are part of the committee putting on the 2017 Seattle AIA awards. We discuss trends in the local architecture and talk about how this fast‐growing city can serve its residents. Topics include: migration, diversity, regionalism, densification, risk‐taking and the pains of a growing city.

3: Rethinking Historic Preservation with Jorge Otero‐Pailos

Columbia University’s Jorge Otero‐Pailos is a prolific architect, artist, educator and preservationist. He questions the invisibility of preservation and what an act of restoration is, looking closely at what is lost when for example buildings are cleaned. Topics discussed include preservation as memory, future and how it is, or isn’t, ‘overtaking us’.

4: Crossroads of Civilizations: The Medieval Mediterranean with Carla Keyvanian (GAHTC)

Carla Keyvanian, Associate Professor of Architecture at Auburn University, talks about her module for GAHTC that looks at the ‘Medieval’ architecture as a product of the complex cultural crossroads of the Mediterranean, that includes Islamic, African and diverse Christian forces, rather than just a ‘Romanesque’ evolution. Topics include Byzantium, Armenia, Umayyads, and Córdoba. We also discuss the Crusades and their abiding influence on contemporary conflicts.

5: Transference in Architecture, Culture and Society with Dominick LaCapra

Cornell University’s Professor Emeritus of Intellectual History, Dominick La Capra discusses the constitutive role of transference in our relationship to history, historiography, animals and architecture. We discuss transference’s relationship with empathy and connecting with Others, and when it ‘crosses the line’ and becomes pathological. Topics include the architecture of Auschwitz, the skyscraper versus adobe, and the possibility of a non-anthropocentric ecological future.

6: Emerson, Thoreau and Frank Lloyd Wright with Ayad Rahmani

Ayad Rahmani is a licensed architect and Associate Professor of Architecture at Washington State University who writes on a diverse array of topics ranging from the Islamic city to Frank Lloyd Wright to Dubai today. In this episode we try and connect the dots that link his diverse interests. Discussion topics include: publicity and privacy in the Islamic city, Wright’s Broadacre plan, ruralization and food security, and, migration and the search for roots via architecture.

7: Fashion and Architecture with Anna Telcs

Seattle based fashion designer and performancevartist with a background in industrial design,vAnna Telcs discusses our relationship to clothes, and the rituals of dressing, as modalities of expressing our selves, our bodies and our place in the world. Discussion topics include donning church dresses, uniforms, and the male body.