If you are thinking about becoming a member, please read about the GAHTC. Members will be asked to contribute in one way or another to the project of creating course material that will distributed via a web-based repository starting in 2016. Members will also be asked to participate in a fall workshop and in the general conversation of how best to pursue the goals of GAHTC.

Members should hold a Master's degree or Ph.D. in architectural history or in related fields such as art history, history, anthropology or archaeology.

Becoming a member is easy. There are no dues. Simply send a short cover letter describing how you intent to contribute to the collaborative along with a resume to .


Mark Jarzombek - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vikramāditya Prakāsh - University of Washington
Robert Cowherd - Wentworth Institute of Technology
Gail Fenske - Roger Williams University
Suzanne Marchand - Louisiana State University
Adnan Morshed - Catholic University of America


Mohammed Alkhabbaz - Illinois Institute of Technology
Christy Anderson - University of Toronto
Glaire Anderson - University of North Carolina
Ioanna Angelidou - Yale University
Michelle Moore - Apotsos Williams College
Tom Avermaete - Delft University of Technology
Soumyen Bandyopadhyay - Liverpool School of Architecture
Daniel Barber - University of Pennsylvania
Eleni Bastéa - University of New Mexico
Vandana Baweja - University of Florida
Gauri Bharat - CEPT University
Jiat-Hwee Chang - National University of Singapore
Peter Christensen - University of Rochester
Joseph L. Clarke - Illinois Institute of Technology
Tanja D. Conley - Massachusettes College of Art
Elisa Dainese - Columbia University
Kenny Cupers - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Farshid Emami - Ph.D. candidate, Harvard University
Jesús Escobar - Northwestern University
Johnathan Farris - SCAD Hong Kong
Gina Greene - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholar, University of Pennsylvania
Sandra Gutiérrez Poizat - Fulbright-Humphrey Research Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Patrick Haughey - Savannah College of Art & Design
Christian A. Hedrick - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Carola Hein - Delft University of Technology
Sahar Hosseini - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Ann C. Huppert - University of Washington
Judith Hull - Emerson College
Alicia Imperiale - Cornell University
Iain Jackson - Liverpool School of Architecture
Caroline Jones - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sharif Kahat - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru
Jordan Kauffman - Brandeis University
Carla Keyvanian - Auburn University
Yoonjee Koh - Masters candidate, Harvard University
Seng Kuan - Washington University, St. Louis
Michael Kubo - Ph.D. candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rachel Lee - Technological University, Berlin
Ana María León - University of Michigan
Ayala Levin - Columbia Univeristy
Hannah le Roux - University of Witwatersrand
John Lopez - University of Chicago
Diana Martinez - Pratt Institute
Christina Maranci - Tufts University
Jonathan Massey - California College of Arts
Lucy M. Maulsby - Northeastern University
Anne McCants - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bonnie Graham McDougall - Cornell University
Sean H. McPherson - Bridgewater State University
Sandy Prita Meier - University of Illinois
Mrinalini Rajagopalan - University of Pittsburgh
Diana Martinez - Pratt Institute
Eric Mumford - Washington University
Albert Narath - University of California Santa Cruz
Morgan Ng - PhD candidate, Harvard University
Ginger Nolan - Pratt Institute
John Ochsendorf - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Itohan Osayimwese - Brown University
Hyungmin Pai - The University of Seoul
Jorge Otero-Pailos - Columbia University
Tessa Paneth-Pollack - Michigan State University
Peter Probst - Tufts University
Nasser Rabbat - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Enrique Ramirez - Ball State University
David Rifkind - Florida International University
Michelangelo Sabatino - Illinois Institute of Technology
Avigail Sachs - University of Tennessee
David Salomon - Ithaca College
Sebastian Schmidt - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi - New York University
Manu Sobti - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Narciss M. Sohrabi - Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense
Tyler Sprague - University of Washington
Łukasz Stanek - Manchester Architecture Research Centre
Nancy Stieber - University of Massachusetts
Martina Tanga - University of Massachusetts
Meredith TenHoor - Pratt Institute
Olga Touloumi - Bard College
Norihiko Tsuneishi - Columbia University
Ola Uduku - University of Edinburgh
Tijana Vujosevic - University of Western Australia
Thaisa Way - University of Washington
Heghnar Watenpaugh - University of California
Mechtild Widrich - ETH Zürich
Mary Woods - Cornell University
Shuishan Yu - Northeastern University
Shundana Yusaf - University of Utah
Sibel Zandi-Sayek - The College of William & Mary