Emerging Scholars Grants

The Emerging Scholars Grant is targeted towards pre-tenure scholars. The intent of this grant is to foster the innovation and pedagogical technique of emerging scholars by allowing them to build upon existing GAHTC material in some way that suits their particular institutional need while also producing material for the GAHTC’s repository of courses. GAHTC’s aim for this grant is to support teachers on the very front line of curriculum transformation and through the circulation of teaching materials, to foster intellectual exchange within the teaching community.

For consideration, please submit a proposal that outlines how you intend to reimagine and reinterpret an existing GAHTC module for the purpose of supplementing the library. Please provide a project summary and an annotated outline for each proposed lecture. In addition, please provide a short bio and CV. 

Each grantee will be awarded $2,300 per lecture to be added to the GAHTC library. 

Submit your proposal to Eliana Hamdi Murchie at emurchie@mit.edu

[Grant proposal resources and templates]