Untargeted Field-initiated Grants for Teaching Modules from Expanded Membership

Untargeted Field-Initiated Grants for Teaching Modules are intended to fund educators able innovate, reimagine, and supplement teaching materials currently existing within the GAHTC library. The applicant may submit proposals tangentially related to the existing topics, or may choose to create entirely new materials in the form of supplementary lessons or group activities. The GAHTC is also open to considering alternative media projects such as film, mapping, and other digital representations that can help students engage with global architectural history.

Grantees will be awarded $2,300 per lecture produced on a topic that is beyond the current library content. The proposal should outline the project’s relevance to GAHTC needs, particularly in terms of how the addition may supplement but not duplicate existing library material. It must provide an overview of proposed course content in the form of a project summary, an annotated outline for each proposed lecture, and a plan as to how the grantee will utilize the content in teaching.  It should also include information (such links to course websites or syllabi) that enables review of comparable online courses, thereby establishing the need and relevance of the project. Please also attach a short bio and CV. The GAHTC will fund four Untargeted Field-Initiated grants. 

Submit your proposal to Eliana Hamdi Murchie at emurchie@mit.edu

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