GAHTC partnered with Timescape to create several map-based stories of architecturally significant sites during certain periods of world history, as well as significant contributions from individual architect. These Timescapes are available for all to use either in their own personal study or as part of formal instruction.

For the time section maps 800, 1000, 1200 and 1400, we put in buildings and sites that were built only around those times. 800 includes ca. 700 – 900; 1000 includes 900 – 1100 etc. Unless otherwise noted, all information is taken from Wikipedia. The maps show the approximate location of then current political boundaries. The information was taken from several sites including from Talessman's Atlas.

Timescape 800 CE

Timescape 1000

Timescape 1200

Timescape 1600 AD

Timescape Colonial Forts

Timescape Le Corbusier

Timescape Louis I Kahn

Timescape Charles