Upcoming Modules

Upcoming Modules

Targeted Acquisition Grants

  1. Southern African Formations of Spatial Culture
  2. Soviet Constructivism: ‘Design and Politics’ and ‘Utopia in Tatters’
  3. Church Architecture in the Principality of Moldova, 1457-­‐1600
  4. Indigenous Architectures and the Living Landscape of North America
  5. Continuity and Change in the Architecture of Sub-Saharan Africa 
  6. The Forgotten Women of WWII Architecture
  7. Japanese Architecture
  8. The Politics of Social Housing in Turkey (1920s-2020)
  9. Taiwanese Indigenous Architecture
  10. Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Architectures
  11. Water Architecture: Persia and the World 2000BC-1500AD
  12. Global Housing in the American Suburb
  13. The Roots of Global Hispanic Urbanism
  14. Architecture and Urbanism in Belgium’s African Colonies: Congo, Rwanda, Burundi
  15. The Skyscraper: A Global History
  16. Petroleum: A Global History of its Impact on Landscape, City, and Architecture
  17. Work, Slums, Housing and the Architecture of the Modern City
  18. Australian Aboriginal Sacred Landscapes
  19. Housing and Settlement Patterns in East Africa

Untargeted Field Initiated Grants

  1. Port Cities Between Global Networks and Local Transformations
  2. Wood Architecture in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia
  3. Mobile Architectures
  4. Local Modernisms: Case Studies in Modern Architecture from Sri Lanka
  5. Identity and the Built Environment – Israel and Palestine
  6. The influences of Catalan Modernism in the Rio de la Plata’s Architecture
  7. Architecture in Columbia (1910-1940): From the Quest for a National Style to International Modernity
  8. Places of Healing and Hospital Typologies
  9. World travelers of Architecture

Emerging Scholars Grants

  1. Globalizing the Video Architectural History Timeline Project
  2. A Global Historiography of Persian Architecture: The Making and Breaking of Cultural Heritage

Global Connections Fellowship

  1. Globalizing Asian Histories
  2. A Global Sea: An Architectural of History of the Caribbean