Resources for Applicants and Grantees

Resources for Applicants and Grantees

How do I apply?

Below are the proposal templates for our various grants. Please note that only Teacher-to-Teacher Workshops and Global Connections Fellowships need a budget proposal as well. Please contact Eliana with questions and prepared proposals at

Lecture Grant Proposal Template

Teacher-to-Teacher Workshop Proposal Template

Global Connections Fellowship Proposal Template

Budget Proposal Template

What is required for submission once grant is approved?

All packages submitted as part of a grant should contain the following. Templates are provided of the quiz, handout, abstract, and PowerPoint presentation for your reference. Example modules are also specified as a suggested resource when assembling you lecture materials.

The full Guideline Packet can be downloaded here. Below is a summary of submission requirements.

Grant Submission Guidelines


Course Syllabus (document should be .docx):

  • Course description
  • Structure and lectures

Lecture abstract: One paragraph summary of each lecture

  • Please reference the Abstract template provided for additional guidance.
  • Readings per lecture (required and suggested)
  • Contributor Bio(s)

Bibliography (document should be .docx):

  • One document
  • Divided by Lecture

Quiz (document should be .docx):

  • Please reference the Quiz template provided for additional guidance.
  • One quiz per lecture
  • 5-20 short questions with answers noted. If the quiz is multiple choice, simply bold the correct choice. If it is short answer, please provide the answer below the question.
  • Provide questions and answers in one document

Handout, one per lecture, noting the following (document should be .docx):

  • Please reference the Handout template provided for additional guidance.
  • Lecture abstract (copied from the syllabus) 
  • Key Terms (themes, places, building, dates)
  • Two or three required readings (you can also add suggested readings). Readings can also be cross-listed in the syllabus.

Slides (PowerPoint file, document should be .pptx)

  • Please reference the Powerpoint template provided for additional guidance.
  • Image Caption: Each image must have an accompanying caption on the slide with a concise identification and rights label with the following elements: year or year range, identification of the work, a place name (usually the city), and creator(s) and patron if knowable, followed by an abbreviated attribution and rights information in parentheses.