Global Connections Fellowship

Global Connections Fellowship

The Global Connections Fellowship is targeted towards a group of scholars interested in expanding the scope of their research as related to a specific site or region of study. This fellowship is intended to inspire a collaborative, innovative, interdisciplinary, but, most importantly, global inquiry into an underrepresented area of study. 

The Goal of the Fellowship

These fellowships seek to establish sustainable relationships with universities outside the U.S., while also enabling GAHTC members to visit new sites of research.  They support improving the quality of teaching as related to a site or region as well as the critical evaluation of that site or regions as viewed within dominant Eurocentric narrative in architectural history.  GAHTC is eager to fund groups to visit a site that participants have not previously experienced. Please note that this fellowship is not aimed at supporting advanced scholarly research that may involve immersion in local archives, for example. Rather, the award aims to encourage teachers to see new buildings and sites and visit museums, immersing themselves in the local architecture, arts, history, and culture, of a region. 

This research fellowship is intended as a fund for the collaboration and travel of scholars from various ranks, disciplines, and institutions. Ideally the team will be hosted by a local institution, and liaise with an expert or experts in the intended site or region of study, who would also be able to guide them in their travels and research. 

While in the Field

To prepare for the research trip, the GAHTC assumes that the team will collect all relevant scholarship (articles and books) in advance, so that all necessary preliminary research is completed before traveling to the site or sites of study. 

While on site, GAHTC encourages members to collect images, in the form of drawings, photos, floor plans, etc., such that they can then incorporate the visual materials into the required deliverable.  It is expected that the group will submit one to two lectures for the GAHTC library, though additional lectures may be considered. 

How to Apply

Award privilege will be given to participants who demonstrate that they will be using the lecture material produced from the research trip in their future courses. The Fellowship award will fund travel, accommodations, and meals for all members of the research team. The required deliverable post fellowship is one lecture, drawn from the site visit and group collaboration. This lecture will be funded in the amount of $2,300.00, in addition to funds provided for accommodations and travel. If the team wishes to provide more than one lecture, they must prepare a proposal for consideration. Each additional approved lecture will be funded in the amount of $2,300.00.

For consideration, please submit a research proposal identifying the four to six-person team, detailing the team’s varied ranks, disciplines, and institutional affiliations. Please use this template form as you prepare your proposal. Ideally, team members will come from different but allied disciplinary backgrounds, among them art history, history, or visual studies, and from at least two different institutions. Please also identify the local institution able to receive the team, and the local expert or experts able to assist in guiding tours and in gaining access to research sites.

In addition, please detail a tentative agenda of the site or sites that the team will visit, whether these be archaeological, architectural, landscape-related, or urban. Also include an estimated budget for travel, lodging, and incidentals. Please use this template when preparing your estimated budget.

Submit your proposal to Eliana Hamdi Murchie at