Targeted Acquisition from Selected Scholars to Address Content Gaps

Targeted Acquisition from Selected Scholars to Address Content Gaps

The Targeted Acquisition Grant is intended to address potential gaps in the GAHTC library, thus ensuring the most diverse library of teaching content while providing high quality curated teaching materials at the survey level. In recognition of the need to continue building new knowledge in global architectural history, the GAHTC has identified areas in its library that are particularly in need of expansion. The targeted acquisitions will supplement the GAHTC’s current library of nearly 200 lectures, all produced to strengthen and elevate the global perspective within programs teaching architectural history.

The GAHTC welcomes submissions related, but not limited to the following areas of study:

  • Sub-Saharan Architecture and Space
  • Polynesian Architecture and Culture
  • Aboriginal Sacred Landscapes
  • Race, Class and Gender
  • Inner Asian Nomads
  • Pre-Colonial Europe

The GAHTC will fund each grantee at $3,300 per lecture. To apply for this grant, please submit a proposal that includes a short bio, CV, and an abstract of your proposed teaching module, including a brief statement on how your research will address an existing gap within the content.

Submit your proposal to Eliana Hamdi Murchie at

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