Apply for a Grant

Apply for a Grant

GAHTC modules that address the role of race and racism in the history of architecture:

Place-Making and World Seeking on the Swahili Coast

Oceania’s Pathways: Voyaging and Vernacular Architecture

Mobile Architecture & War

Sites and Systems of Global Colonialism

The Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative, generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon foundation and in connection with the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) and MIT, is pleased to introduce the following grant opportunities, all intended to elevate, strengthen and make more accessible a global perspective of architectural history. Toward that end, the collaborative seeks to connect the leading researchers in the field through the contribution of their research and knowledge.  It is expected that the contributors’ lectures will enrich the library, further providing fellow instructors with content that they find engaging, timely and inspirational to teach.

Phase two of the GAHTC will dedicate nearly $500,000 to building new content, and will do so through a multi-pronged initiative entailing the advancement of research, fostering professional community, and expanding its digital teaching library. The GAHTC accepts proposals for each of these grants on a rolling submission, but it is recommended that submissions be received before the end of an academic year.

Each grant is unique, and as such, has individualized requirements for submission. Please read the submission requirements for each grant carefully before preparing your proposal. Here you will find a list of Upcoming Modules.

Questions? Contact GAHTC Project Manager, Eliana Hamdi Murchie at

Grant Categories

Established Scholarship

To gather the established research needed to supplement gaps in our digital lecture library, the GAHTC has established two different grants.

Supplementing the GAHTC Library

Alongside these new grant opportunities, there remains the original grant option; the production of teaching materials to continue building the GAHTC library. This category of grant encourages members to find areas within the library, or material upon which they can build or innovate, to advance the current curriculum in some original way.

Team Grants

Finally, one of the main imperatives of this phase of the grant is to build community and to encourage collaboration not only amongst members, but also across ranks and disciplines. The GAHTC has established two grants that enable teams of educators to gather, travel, and collaborate, all in the interest of advancing global architectural history.