OUR NORTH IS THE SOUTH is a group of architectural historians of and from Latin America constituted in a workshop organized in Quito in 2018 and funded by the GAHTC Global Connections Fellowship. The group is organized around a series of conversations on the presences and absences of Latin America in the teaching of architectural history from a global perspective. Two lectures on the city of Quito were produced as part of the first meeting of OUR NORTH IS THE SOUTH in November 2018, and are available in the GAHTC library.

On 28-29 November 2020, we organized a second workshop (online) with an expanded group to discuss the teaching of architectural history from Latin America and about Latin America. What can Latin America contribute to a more global understanding of the processes of our discipline, and what is the contribution of teaching and learning the history of architecture from the South as both a geographic and conceptual position? We held a public online roundtable on 5 December 2020 to present the conclusions of the meeting and open up a bigger conversation. The meeting transcript was saved, and can be read here, the video is available below. Please note the conversations in the workshop, roundtable, and chat took place in the predominant languages used in the region, Spanish and Portuguese.

December 5, 2020 Workshop:

Workshop Participants

Maribel Aliaga Fuentes (Univ. de Brasilia)

Silvia Arroyo Duarte (Universidad de Panamá)

Cristina Bueno (Univ. San Francisco de Quito)

Macarena Cortez (Pontificia Univ. Católica de Chile)

Claudia Felipe Torres (Univ. de La Habana)

María González Pendás (Columbia University)

Carola Ingrid Herr (Univ. de Buenos Aires)

Fernando Luiz Lara (University of Texas, Austin)

Ana María León (University of Michigan)

Reina Loredo Cansino (Univ. Autónoma de Tamaulipas)

Fabiola López Durán (Rice University)

Ana Esteban Maluenda (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)

Leandro Manenti (Univ. Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)

Fernando Luis Martínez Nespral (Univ. de Buenos Aires)

Jorge Nudelman (Univ. de la República de Uruguay)

Christian Parreño (Univ. San Francisco de Quito)

Amarí Peliowski (Univ. de Chile)

Julieta Perrotti Poggio (Univ. de Buenos Aires)

Ingrid Quintana Guerrero (Univ. de Los Andes)

María del Pilar Sánchez Beltrán (Univ. Nacional de Colombia)

Paulo Tavares (Univ. de Brasilia)

This workshop was organized by Ana María León and Fernando Luis Martínez Nespral and funded by a GAHTC Global Connections Fellowship.